The Normalization of Overeating in America and Dietary Alternatives

Obesity is an epidemic in the United States. It is still the second leading cause of preventable death. And it is plain to see why the US is so obese when you visit other countries where everyone looks slim and fit. The main culprit is the normalization of oversized portions in America. You can expect to spend over $100 a day to eat this much in Israel, the vegan capital of the world.

And you will find that places that have more fast-food restaurants also have larger rates of obesity. One of the biggest problems is that corporations are really good at using food to comfort us. They have these novelty ice cream cakes that are absolutely irresistible. They are loaded with enough sugar for two weeks and will quickly help you pack on the pounds. It is truly the smallest things, the sweets that make us so big.

This is chiefly because sugar cannot be metabolized by the body. Our ancestors rarely had access to so much sugar. In the wild, it would be a rare treat to come across some honey. We, likewise, need a horde of bees to keep us away from the sweets these days. The natural slow-burning sugars in fruits and dates were the most sugar that anyone ever ingested.

This processed and refined grain sugar is so toxic to us because it acts a lot like diabetes. When a person is diabetic, they have high glucose spikes. Their bodies can’t absorb all the sugar in their blood because they don’t release enough natural insulin to metabolize it. As a result, the sugar builds up a plaque in their arteries and turns into big chunks of white fat. Carbs are the second biggest offender because they can easily be converted into glucose and store as white fat when overeaten.

What are the Dietary Alternatives?

Because it is so hard to eat nutritiously and rev up our metabolisms without getting bored and giving up, some diet makers have stepped in to take charge. Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig diet programs both have proven results in helping people lose weight, but each has key advantages. Nutrisystem appeals to foodies who want all-natural foods without artificial sweeteners and dyes. But Jenny Craig offers a broader palette of foods that make it easier for dieters to stick with the program.

Nutrisystem prepares an exercise regimen for dieters to help them burn up some calories and rev up their metabolisms. But if you go through Jenny Craig, they can help you develop a custom exercise plan. They cost about the same per day. However, the Jenny Craig diet has some optional features that cost extra, such as $99 for customer support. The food costs are relatively inexpensive. The total cost for the prepackaged Nutrisystem meals starts at $300 but can surpass $450 a month if you choose Jenny Craig.

How Effective Are These Diet Alternatives?

If the dieters stick with the program, they will see weight losses over time. But they also have to avoid cheating and sneaking other foods into their diets. It takes time to reverse decades of poor eating habits, but it is possible if you develop the knack for it with these diet programs.